The SAT and ACT are required for students who wish to apply to a 4-year university. Most universities accept both of these exams, so you have a choice of which one you take. University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU) accept both. If you are not sure, please check the school's website. You are required to send the scores from these tests as a part of the application process.  Students always ask, what is the difference? The biggest difference is that they are two different companies, much like Nike and Adidas. The ACT also has a science portion while the SAT does not. At De Anza, we suggest you take both because many students do better on one over the other. Community colleges do not require a SAT or ACT exam. For students that qualify for Free and Reduced lunch, there are fee waivers available for those students. The SAT II Subject test is no longer required by the UC and CSU systems, however, they are encouraged, especially if it pertains to your major (i.e. Biology SAT II, if you are applying for a Biology major). Please come see your counselor if this applies to you.